CCP and PayPal

(Kael Decadence) #1

Is anyone else having issues with CCP not taking your paypal? Further did anyone else notice that there is no longer an option for reoccurring automatic payments (which is how I lapsed into Alpha the other day)?

(badside) #2

I have had one of my account banned, and since I am banned I can’t even open a damm ticket. And it all got started by a CCP billing error, and I have no way to reach them. Super lousy customer service. I guest they don’t appreciate the thousands of dollars I have spent over the years. Yes, I am mad… CCP please contact me, and release my other account.

(ISD Eshtir) #3

I just tested this and reccuring payments with PayPal still work. If it doesnt work for you, i suggest you contact the support team via a billing ticket.