Is online support still active?

Just wondering. I have a ticket for 3 weeks now. Account security compromised.

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Does not appear so. I have ‘lost’ 1100 PLEX between my wallet and the Store. A bad time to buy?
Purchased (via PayPal) from CCP’s store on 9 May 2020. Still no sign of my money being returned or my PLEX arriving in my wallet.
I hope they are all ok, our erstwhile online support people.

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Well there is your first mistake, you used Paypal.

Good luck and enjoy the wait.

It is quite normal to wait a few weeks just for a reply sometimes. Especially with more serious issues. I don’t know why but I assume they look into it more before replying so they got some ideas what to say.

If you are a person who liked quick response and being updated constantly as things happen I am sorry to say but you must wait until your spirit is broken and then you will receive a sign from the heavens on your darkest days.

First time for me was 3-4 weeks, second time one hour, third time well over a month.

Sometimes you get lucky I guess.

ALL FIXED. Thanks guys. BTW, was not a problem with PayPal at all. Things were going down at the office and the workers were busy.
I’m happy.


They will answer you in around a month and then tell you that they usually answer right away etc. etc.

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