Can I purchase one of the content packs from Humble for an existing Omega account?

(Warlock Dowling) #1

What the title says. I’ve already got Omega time through November, but the PLEX + MCT seems like a good deal, particularly with the extra Monthly 10% and the skins/apparel that can be flipped for ISK, for a lowly ratter that doesn’t put in enough in-game time to have made it terribly far economically to date and just stupidly lost $100M+ by getting my fitted Astero blown up by Sleepers. A quick $20 would help me get back near where I was pre-stupid if I can apply it to my current account and gift the stuff to my main while co-training my alt.

I do see it mention something about not having previously purchased a standard/premium pack…how would I know if my initial purchase way back when would disqualify me?

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #2

Regarding the Humble Bundle sale, if you haven’t applied a standard or premium pack to your account in the past, you may apply a new code regardless of being alpha of omega account state.

Otherwise, you can make a new account and apply that code. All you would lose out on is the month of omega training time. The clothes, skins, MCT token, and 600 plex are transferable.