Humble Bundle 50% Off EvE Online Packs

Not sure where to put this but thought it may be useful for those interested in buying the new packs.


Seems like something that belongs in Jita local. I want to believe, but somehow can’t quite trust it.

Its a legitimate link, hope a forums Mod can confirm it.

Oh, I’m not calling you into question. It indeed seems to be real. In fact, thanks for bringing that to our attention!
It’s just… it also seems to good to be true.

Humble Bundle is pretty great tbh

If they offered a skin like a bee pattern they would get rid of a lot of isk and net some cash as goonswarm would buy them to emulate their theme.


I expect they will cycle this promotion through the authorized resellers same way they did with the old Premium pack. I purchased it for 2 accounts.

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Does anyone knows if is possible to install the “Galaxy Pack” on an account with the “Premium Edition” already installed?

Do you get tradeable MCTs with the Gold/Star packs which you can activate whenever or are they auto-activated when you add a code to an account?

They’re tradeable, you can activate them whenever you want to.
Only the omega-time is auto-activated.

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This is an entirely legit add. You can only buy 2, you can then purchase another 2 if you complain to Humble, but thats it per promotion.

@Keelah_Sor_gri you get an email code you can use, you then activate it and it adds the 30 days game time and you have redeemable MCT and PLEX in your redeem system in game plus the swag that comes with it.

You can only do it once per account though, but its a great deal on sale frankly as is ultimately 3 months + some PLEX and swag for $25 USD. Its the 3months of plex deal plus the 110PLEX $5 deal combined split up into a slightly different way of usage.


Is this offer available to Omega pilots too or only alphas?

The offer is available to anyone alpha or omega, and it works even if you have previously purchased the Premium pack for the account.

As mentioned by @Eternus8lux8lucis there seems to be a limit of 2. I haven’t tried complaining to Humble but expect the promotion will rotate to Amazon or Green man gaming in a few weeks so it really doesn’t matter.

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I want to know why the SOE Crystal skins are added to the Steam Galaxy Pack
And the TQ version has the Spectral Skins???

1 you can get in the NES store…
the other not so much…

Yup it comes around every few months or so. So if you dont get in on it just keep an eye out for their big sales promotions and likely itll be on sale too. Again max of 2 unless you complain, then its max 4.

So I just bought the Meteor Pack and it says I can only apply it to a trial account since it’s considered a starter edition. I thought this could be applied to any account?

I had a heart sinking moment with that as well, but then decided to go on any ways and it did apply to my omega account. The message must be outdated.

I had a heart sinking moment with that as well, but then decided to go on any ways and it did apply to my omega account. The message must be outdated

Hmm, was your account already Omega as well?

Yup. | saw the message but it still offered to redeem code, so I did and it worked.

Shame, this is what I am getting and it won’t let me select current account.