EVE Humble Bundle Sale

The new EVE Online packs are currently on sale on the Humble Store, for 50% off.

Here are the different packs:

Alpha Pack: 60 PLEX, 2x Daily Alpha Injector, Kopis Edge Tristan SKIN (5€ 2.50€)

Meteor Pack: 1 month Omega, 110 PLEX, Astero Cell SKIN bundle (15€ 7.50€)

Star Pack: 1 month Omega, 2x MCT, 500 PLEX (50€ 25€)

Galaxy Pack: 3 months Omega, 2x MCT, 5x Extractors, 1100 PLEX, SoE Crystal Blast SKIN bundle (100€ 50€)

You will get 55% off if you have a Humble Monthly subscription, instead of 50%. Costs 12$ per month and you currently get Dark Souls III + Ashes of Ariandel DLC plus other games that are revealed in a few days.

You also get 5% in Humble Credit which you can spend on further purchases.


  • Plex: 3.12 mil
  • MPTC: 1.28 bil
  • Extractor: 350 mil
  • 100$ plex pack is 2860 plex = 8.92 bil, which works out to 89.2 million isk per dollar.
  • 1 month omega time = $11.25 or 500 plex = 1.56 bil

(All prices jita buy prices from eve-marketdata as of post time. Subscription costs assume a 6 month subscription.)

$7.50 PACK

  • 1 month omega: $11.25 or 1.56 bil
  • 110 plex: 343 mil
  • Astero Cell skins: ???


  • Pure isk value: 1.9 bil for $7.50 -> 254 mil/$
  • ‘Already was going to sub’ value: value of omega time exceeds pack price; they’re basically paying you $3.75 to give you 110 plex and a few skins.

$25 PACK

  • 1 month omega: $11.25 or 1.56 bil
  • 2x MPTC: 2.56 bil
  • 500 plex: 1.56 bil


  • Pure isk value: 5.68 bil for $25 -> 227 mil/$
  • ‘Already was going to sub’ value: 4.12 bil for $13.75 -> 300 mil/$

$50 PACK

  • 3 months omega: $33.75 or 4.68 bil
  • 2x MPTC: 2.56 bil
  • 1100 plex: 3.43 bil
  • 5 extractors: 1.75 bil
  • Sisters of EVE Crystal Blast skins: ???


  • Pure isk value: 12.42 bil for 50$ -> 248 mil/$
  • ‘Already was going to sub’ value: 7.74 bil for $16.25 -> 584 mil/$


In pure isk value (i.e. you’re not subbing with $ and so value omega time at the plex rate), the packs are all fairly similar with a slight edge towards the $7.50 and $50 packs. Those two packs also are the ones with skins, though the value for those is uncertain.

If you’re already paying a sub, then the $7.50 pack is a no-brainer - it’s basically free money, absolutely no reason not to buy it. After that, the 50$ pack is a great bang for your buck, with the 25$ pack the least worthwhile. Assuming you are allowed to apply both, the $7.50 + $50 packs work out to paying $12.50 for 8.08 bil worth of stuff, for a whopping 647 mil/$ plus skins!

Regardless of exactly how you figure things, though, all of these packs are WAY better than just buying even the top end plex pack. If you want to spend some $ to get isk, this is the best deal on the block by a huge margin.

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how do I pick the account this goes to?

You would be logged into the CCP account management section with the account you’re attempting to apply the purchased code to.

Its not from the eve site its from the humble site. And unless I’m wrong it also cost $12 to create an account with them. Of course I could be wrong.

That thing is also very nice for people who bought these packs for full price from CCP just days before that HB offer went life. Very thoughtful of CCP.

Not a bad deal, shame i’m not currently in the market for cheap gametime :frowning:

It didn’t cost me anything to register to buy this

Because i am not 100% sure about this:

Can a already subbed (with RL money) omega account use those packs, especially the 50€ pack? Like gaining the 3 months, redeem the rest of it and sell for isk?

The site doesnt really says yes or no (or my english is just badder then i thought)

Yes, but you can only use one Galaxy pack per account.

I was subbed for my first month then bought and used this pack okay.

(Your English is good) :slight_smile:

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