Can We Expect a 25% Sub Discount this Summer?

I’m motivated to buy another one year sub :slight_smile:

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They are claiming a 70% discount on the Astero skin etc bundles but the numbers dont seem right.

But maths arent my forte

Summer sale ran out last week.

There you go. You’re supposed to Buy The Holy PLEX & Shiny. Not subscribe. Opiate economics.

@Whitehound, @Zachri

I saw that. I want to buy time only. A customer request.


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That maths is indeed completely screwed Ramona…

That’s a 50% discount.

It seems they’ve just adjusted it to tell the truth so good work :slight_smile:

Galaxy pack is actually really good value now. Just picked one up for 40 quid and it comes with 3 months omega anyway. Omega is £10 a month where I am so in essence I just purchased 1100 Plex and a crate full of rubbish for a tenner.

:sunglasses: Still want my 70% off tho CCP

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Yeah, a lot of people do. But the EA is strong in CCP these days. Goes hand in hand with F2P.

Subscription > Opium. But there isn’t much we can do if the dealer prefers people to buy his product.

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