How Often Does CCP Offer PLEX/Omega Discounts?

I’m relatively new to EVE and I came along right before the anniversary event, meaning there were some pretty good discounts on both Omega Time and PLEX. Right now they’re offering 2 free Multiple Pilot Training Certificates for every 6 months of Omega Time you buy.

I’m the kind of person who sometimes goes a little overboard when it comes to discounts, buying in bulk when it’s cheaper even if I don’t really need it all at once. So since I already have Omega time on my account until the end of this year, while I’m tempted to go ahead and buy another 6 months for the free Certificates (or heaven forbid a whole year) I wanted to ask if it’s worth making the investment now or if there are going to be several more sales and offers in the coming months.

Just keep an eye on reddit really. The galaxy pack is still available from some vendors with 40% off, see:

"The Galaxy Pack represents excellent value and commitment to your future as an EVE Online capsuleer of great repute. This bundle gives you unlimited access to all ships and skills through 3 months of Omega time. You will also get 2x Multiple Character Training Certificates, allowing you to train multiple pilots on the same account simultaneously, as well as 1100 PLEX to sell for billions in ISK or spend in the New Eden Store.

In addition, you get 5 Skill Extractors to aid you in customizing your skill tree and making even more ISK, as well as a bundle of superb Sisters of EVE ship SKINs and Expeditionary Suits.
This pack can only be purchased once per account."

If you sell off all the in-game items and buy plex with the proceeds I can see that reaching 6-7 months of gametime or more.

[edit] jusr re-read your post and realised that wasn’t strictly speaking what you were asking. Apologies, I am not feeling too well. There will be other offers, but they don’t tend to come out at fixed times except for the birthday, christmas, and CCP’s end of year.

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Thank you. I actually was launched into the game because the Humble Store had all of the bundles at 50% off, and as a Humble Monthly subscriber I had an additional discount, and it just seemed too good to pass up.

Basically, I’m just trying to figure out if this offer is good enough to bite on a lot of extra Omega time for fairly far in the future, or if it happens regularly enough that I should just wait for the next thing to come along.

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If the deal is that good, or you think you will be playing the game in the longer-term then go for it.

Personally, I tend to just buy an annual subscription. Even if I don’t play every month (been playing for 12 years so my activity tends to go in peaks and troughs) at least I know I am getting a reasonable deal rather than paying monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually.

Good luck, and hope you find enough fun to stick around.

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