Question about OMEGA TIME

Just want a simple answer.

So I am about to buy some EVE ONLINE 6 MONTH OMEGA TIME in next time. In what form does come in
Does come in plex or is time auto add into your count?

added to your account…

if you just want PLEX, then just buy PLEX, not omega time.

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CCP doesn’t sell New Eden Store certificates for Omega time or multiple character training directly - they issue the subscription-based version of these items (which automatically apply to the buying account). If you want tradeable gametime, you buy PLEX and sell it on the in-game market - the buyer can then redeem the PLEX for Omega subscription time or a training license in the NES (among other things).

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To be precise, it’s 180 days, no matter which months are affected. So after purchasing 12 months on the official website or by redeeming a code purchased on third party platforms like Amazon, you receive 360 days of omega. These are automatically added to your omega time you already have.
So if you want to buy an additional offer because it’s a bargain at that time, your Omega time will just be extended.

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Like others have said, it’s time added to your account in the form of days. Any additional Omega you purchase will be added to those days.

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