Can't redeem PLEX for Omega time

I have 2 accounts: one Alpha (this character) and one Omega. On Friday, July 14 I bought PLEX in order to add Omega time to my Omega account. I bought it while in-game, through the NES store. There was a button offering 3 months of PLEX with a 20% discount. I clicked it. Later Friday I received an email telling me my credit card was successfully charged for 44.90.

On Saturday, July 15, my account expired and returned to Alpha. I tried to apply the PLEX I had bought to return my account to Omega. I went to my PLEX vault, which now shows that I have 1000 PLEX. There appears to be no way to use that PLEX to upgrade to Omega. Clicking on the button in the PLEX vault that supposedly lets you use PLEX to buy Omega time takes me back to the NES store, to the screen for buying more PLEX.

I submitted a help ticket on Saturday, July 15, but have only received an email telling me my ticket was received. Today is July 19.

I would appreciate some help from the support staff to help me start using the 3 months of Omega time I paid for.

In the NES store, the button you click on that says “3 months omega” shows that you are buying 1200 PLEX. But when you click on it, you are sent to a screen that shows only 100, 250, 500, 1000, 3000, 6000 and 20000 PLEX.

You can use PLEX to upgrade your pilot status in the Pilot Services tab in the Character Sheet or via the NES Store in game.

Hi Drew

Thank you for your post. Actually, the problem was that in spite of what the button in the NES store says, there is no way to just buy 1200 PLEX. The “buy PLEX” screen only shows 100, 250, 500, 1000, 3000, 6000 and 20000 PLEX. You have to buy 1000, then 100, then another 100. The NES store is not clear about this. It also is not clear about how to convert PLEX into Omega time.

I discovered that I had to buy 100 PLEX, then buy another 100 PLEX, then “gift” the total 1200 PLEX to my main character.

GM Boosted emailed me directly and helped me understand what I needed to do. I appreciate that, and I appreciate your message as well. But the NES store should be more clear. As it is, I wasted 5 days trying to return my account to Omega.

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