Plex problem

Any one not able to use the plex in their vault to plex the account. I made a support ticket and the GM was no god dam help.

Are you using Steam to play EVE?

I’m not on steam

What do you mean “can’t use”? It’s not showing up in NES?

I mean it shows in my vault but no option to add it to my omega time

It works fine for me, just used some PLEX for gametime a few hours ago.

If the option does not show up for you in the PLEX vault… Have you checked if the option is available in your character sheet -> “Pilot´s Services” tab ?

Open “New Eden Store”, services tab and omega time is there. If you have your PLEX in vault it should be also counted in NES.

I tried that dosen’t give the option from the character sheet.

It shows up in the NES but it dosen’t have an option to add time with it just an option to buy more plex

Do you have 500 plex ? it takes 500 not 1 these days for a months gametime

Post a screenshot of what it looks like when you open your plex vault, and also of the NES store.

I have 522 in vault

You haven’t confirmed you have followed these three easy steps, or shown screenshots which shows your NES is ■■■■■■.

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buying plex is not the issue its using plex in the vault for game time

So what happens when you click “buy now”?

Yes, it is a confusing interface but just click buy and it will work. Change quantity to two and you will see the difference.

So what’s the issue there?

That 500 plex in the left corner is the price, not the thing you’re buying, in case you’re wondering.

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It opens the eve page to buy plex with your card

Woodpecker, pay attention. Do what I say and do not anything else:

Step 1: select the button in the red circle

Step 2: the NES has been opened and now you select this button in the red circle

Step 3: click this button IN TH RED CIRCLE!

Step 4: the result

If you dare to come back here telling us it doesn’t work and you have not posted the same ■■■■■■■ four screenshots I will pull you through my glass viber cable and smack your tiny behind.

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Or inability to understand that things in game/UI can work incorrect.

Stop already and pour your rudeness to another topic. You already ruined this one…

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