[Resolved] PLEX Vault and New Eden Store Unavailable. Long Character Selection Loading Times. - 3/10/2023

Currently we’re seeing issues with players using their PLEX vault and accessing the New Eden Store. More information to follow.

You can follow for updates here in this forum thread or at https://status.eveonline.com/

11:15 UTC - Reports of issues with PLEX vault and NES not loading.
11:45 UTC - Reports of longer than usual loading times after selecting character.
11:55 UTC - Fix deployed for issues relating to PLEX and NES. Testing it now.
12:03 UTC - All issues are now resolved.



will we be given our plex back?

If you believe your PLEX balance is incorrect then please get in touch with support and they can take a look. Thanks.


I am fine I can use this as an excuse @Aiko_Danuja

All issues should now be resolved. For posterity here is the status incident page.



(post deleted by author)

Regarding your issue with the plex converted to game time, please write a Support Ticket so that you can be helped.

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привет почему сервер na sisi не работа

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