Cannot buy Omega time

Is there a problem with buying game time right now? When I try it keeps saying “Cannot authorize payment at this time.”

I’ve contacted my bank. CCP isnt blocked and they know nothing about it.

Exact same thing here!

After clicking “buy” on anything, the page where we should enter card number opens and then reloads constantly with the “Cannot authorize payment at this time.” message at the top

So any workaround or fix? I got same non stop refresh issue.

This is happening to me now? Does it resolve itself?

I can’t buy anything in chrome, I have to login with firefox.

I managed to get Chrome to work by disabling all extensions including AdBlock.

I am still getting the same bug. Any help on this?

I buy my game time thru Amazon.

I am also having a problem with the Omega game time. In the “Clone State - Omega” EVE Help Tutorial Video, it clearly states that you can upgrade to Omega clone “by activating a PLEX”. However this is misleading information and also crude false advertisement. I demand that this injustice be resolved immediately and on top of that reparations are paid to me for this brutal mistake of yours, CCP. A month of OMEGA time will suffice for this injustice. Or I am simply done with this game!

Do you have 500 plex in the plex vault or just 1 plex?

If i buy plex off the in game market… I put in my plex vault… then i can use it to do buy time, in game store, etc.

The beauty of the PLEX Vault is you can have PLEX anywhere in New Eden and move it into the PLEX Vault at any time. Any 1 of the 3 characters on that 1 account can use the PLEX from the PLEX Vault on that account. The days of keeping PLEX in the item hanger are gone.

They changed the PLEX from a item into a usable in-game currency. So now it costs 500 PLEX for 1 month of in-game time.

The PLEX Vault is now the in-game wallet.

1 PLEX is now 500 PLEX for 1 month of in-game time.

Costs about the same in ISK for 500 PLEX as it used to for 1 PLEX

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