Can't buy anything off the Web store, support is useless

Tried to buy plex tonight, before even being able to input any type of payment information, or it just errors out with:

“We are unable to authorize your payment at this time. Please ensure you have sufficient funds available, or contact your bank / card issuer for more details.”

It should have popped up the paypal payment page, or given me some sort of way to input a cc number if I tried that, but it just automatically shows that error when clicking next. I haven’t even gotten to the point of trying to pay. Submitted a support ticket and they were pretty useless, didn’t even really read the ticket because I got a canned response literally within 2 seconds of submitting the ticket on the site.

You’re going to lose a lot of money when people can’t buy anything from the sale you have going on for only 5 days.

This appears to have happened before:

Have you tried a different browser?

Different browsers, in-private/in-cognito…the message isn’t even valid because I’m trying to use paypal, there’s no “insufficient funds” with paypal, especially when you have paypal credit. Besides, I haven’t even entered CC info in when I select Visa anyways.

Can confirm the exact same issue. Looks like a glitch in their payment system. Maybe it will work in a few hours or tomorrow.

If your russian i dont think it will allow you to.

I’m in the US, on Comcast, my phone is Verizon. If they are using GeoIP database, whatever info they have is out of date. I doubt that’s the case though.

I’ve seen this before, been playing for almost 20 years, just wish their support people would read the tickets and not copy/paste generic responses.

FTFY :stuck_out_tongue:



The problem should be resolved now. If you continue to run into any issues, then please let us know.

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Confirmed working, thanks for looking.

In store payment still inoperative. Same error message, “Insufficient funds” when purchasing Plex. Tried 3 different payment methods (cards) all with adequate available funds. Tried switching browsers and computers. Have been unable to make any purchases so its still inoperable. Please update when this issue has been resolved. Thank you.

If this persists, you could try third party resellers in the meantime.
Make sure you get redeemable codes and not illegal items ingame.

Unfortunately the list is not well maintained:

Markee is still active.