When is the next omega discount?

would it be March ? I hope as soon as possible

Can I double it ? like i buy two 12 months omega , both of them are discount

October is usually when they offer it. Other than that, it is anybody’s guess.

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Don’t think making such offers predictable is a clever marketing decision. :wink:

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12months is perma on discount if you buy 12 month omega you always get 1 month free it says so in nex store.

i mean the 15% discount

I bought my 12m omega on 2nd half of March, I remember it was anniversary of EVE. I dont know if CCP organizes discounts in this period on yearly basis, but I hope it happens again so I can secure my account omega once again.

Usually the 12 month comes on discount once or twice a year for a very short time. This mostly happens around Halloween time give or take.

Last discount where you get one month of omega time for 425 plex happened just before christmas, so probably plenty of time for you to stock up on plex before the next discount.

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