Premium Edition on sale

(Do Little) #1

Humble Bundle currently has the Premium Edition on sale at 50% off

The bundle includes 30 days of Omega game time, a Multiple Character Training certificate (that can be sold on the in-game market), 650 PLEX and a selection of vanity items - skins and clothing.

You can use it once per account - either to upgrade from Alpha or extend Omega.

Excellent value.

(Ganellon Devians) #2

Can also be used on omega accounts?

(Cosa Rara) #3

‘Owners of the EVE Online: Standard Pack will be unable to purchase the EVE Online: Premium Edition for the same account.’

(Ima Wreckyou) #4

Does it include a Mystery Code? Hahaha, no, not going to support something like this again from CCP.

(Cypherous) #5

Aslong as you have not previously activated either the standard or premium pack on this account before then it should work fine, but each account can only activate one pack ever

(Ganellon Devians) #6

ok, thx

(system) #7

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