Confusing Premium Edition Online Code

Hi all. I found there is standard pack and premium edition online code available to upgrade the alpha clone. Does it mean that I can’t activate it to a current omega account?

If so, what if I cancel my subscription and return to a alpha clone then apply the code to my account

Besides, I heard that if you activate this code, the friend who invite you won’t claim the 500 PLEX rewards. Is that so?

You will have to give us a link to the promotion so we can read the details.

But, usually:

  • Starter packs give some ships and a few PLEX, and can be applied to an existing account.

  • Premium edition or other promotions give 1 - 3 months of OMEGA, but you must start a new account, can’t be applied to existing account.

  • Friend invite is usually not compatible with other promotions unless specifically stated. This is because the friend must click YOUR INVITE LINK to start a new account, otherwise the friend is not linked with you. And most promotions require (the friend) to start a NEW account from the promotion website, rather than from your friend link.

Actually the Premium edition can be applied to an existing account - alpha or omega. I purchased them for all of my accounts during recent half price sales. The limitation is you can only activate one code per account - standard or premium but not both. Premium on sale is a sweet deal: 30 days of Omega time, a 30 day multiple character training certificate and 650 PLEX for $24.99. Plus a few skins and apparel items that may be of interest to new players. I bought a few from Amazon and 1 recently from Humble Bundle.

As far as the recruit a friend bonus is concerned - I don’t know but promotions generally don’t stack.

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