Can Standard/Premium Editions be added to existing accounts?

Hey guys,

So, I might not be the newest citizen on the block but I’ve never really cared much for anything else but mining and doing Project Discovery until now. With the new update that allows Alphas to fly Battlecruisers and Battleships, I thought I’d give PvP and PvE a chance.

I’m currently an Alpha looking to train towards Battleships. I can’t really do this as an Alpha unless I buy Alpha Injectors (which I believe to be a rip-off) or by adding some Omega time.

I want to do the latter by buying one of the Steam Editions that are available for purchase: Standard or Premium. So far I understand that I can only choose one per account, which is perfectly reasonable.

My question is. Can I add either of these game versions to an already-existing account? I don’t want to make a new account just to train the skills all over again.

I’ve done some research but couldn’t really find a definitive answer.

Can anyone help?


As far as I know understand, they are just for new characters.

You can purchase the premium (or standard not both) edition once for each account - I bought the premium for each of my accounts when they were on sale. $24.99 for 30 days game time, a multiple character training certificate and 650 PLEX is a good deal.

I don’t see any promotions at the present time but I’ve seen them at Amazon and the Humble Bundle at various times in the past.

The game code will add 30 days of game time to whatever you currently have and the other stuff shows up in redeeming.

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