Clarification needed about Premium edition codes


I am a little confused about Alpha buddy invite rewards and the Premium code.

My situation:
I have created an Alpha account using a buddy’s referral link.
Now I got for myself a Premium Edition code I want to apply to said already active Alpha account.

If I understand the buddy terms correctly me “upgrading” to Omega (for 1 month) using such a Premium code grants my friend no invite rewards… he gets nothing whatsoever from that, right?

However, if I subscribe to Omega again after the first month has run out (and this time using a “valid” payment method) would he then get his buddy rewards? Or does my initial first upgrading by code kill off all potential rewards he might get?

^ Think this.

You can apply the premium edition code to an account that’s already subbed. but you can only apply one of these to a given account once.
So you can upgrade to omega using a different payment method, your friend gets their reward, THEN you apply the premium code for the second month. You do not have to wait a month to apply it you can apply it straight away and the time gets added.
But sub first and wait to check your friend has his reward.
Hope this helps.


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