Alpha to Alpha buddy program

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Will friend that is on alpha account get 30 days if i use plex to upgrade to omega?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

If you are the recruit, yes, your friend will get 30 days

(Everse Aivo) #3

So two brand new alpha accounts that invest in one plex can upgrade to omega for price one?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #4

Yes, it’s simple:
Pilot A invites Pilot B to play through buddy program
Pilot B upgrades to Omega (either by PLEX or subscription)
Pilot A gets 30 days of Omega after redeeming on the buddy program page, Pilot B gets bonus Skill Points (think it was 250k skill points)

Doesn’t matter how old they are, they get rewarded

This also works with new accounts you make case you ever decide to multibox in the future

(Everse Aivo) #5

I thought it works like that but wasent sure. thanks for confirmation.

(Boldly Gone) #6

Clarification: According to my information it’s not possible for B to keep his already existing Alpha account. So B can not upgrade but has to create a new account via the link provided by A. And I’m not even sure if A already must be Omega…

250k skill points for B is right.

Buddy invites: Buddy invites and rewards from other players
The post of Elizabeth Norn explains the procedure very thoroughly. And it worked, I can confirm :slight_smile:

(Arcanith Lionheart) #7

Hum… What?

The title of the thread is Buddy Program, so it is assumed that the process of inviting and creating an account has been made. And no, A does not need to be Omega, because it is stated that if you are Alpha you get 30 days of Omega time, and if you are Omega you get to pick either 30 days of more Omega time or PLEX.

(Boldly Gone) #8

Perhaps I’m splitting hairs, but If he claims a “brand new alpha account”, the account may be already created without link. If that’s the case, see above. No assumptions, only information.

Thanks for the Alpha link clarification.

Will friend that is on alpha account get 30 days if i use plex to upgrade to omega?

I’d say: The answer is no. Upgrade is not covered, only a brand new account.
Edit: Thinking about it: What if you created that account via link some time ago but waited to upgrade to Omega until now? Don’t find it here

(Arcanith Lionheart) #9

Yes, he can through PLEX, as long as they are doing the buddy program. Considering that he was invited and made the account with the link then he can use PLEX to go Omega and benefit his friend with 30 days.

And I can only assume that the list keeps track of it for ever, could take a long time for an alpha friend to decide to plex the account to go omega.

(Everse Aivo) #10

yup as title says “buddy program”. It is implied that accounts are connected. I knew that it worked for trial accounts but wasn’t sure if that was the case with alphas.

(Everse Aivo) #11

I have interesting update on this matter. Apparently CCP is in conflict with this issue.
At some places it says Alpha can get 30 days in other it needs Omega.

My guess is that you get 30 days but can only activate it once you upgrade to omega, which is weird.

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