Referral PLEX reward

My friend signed up with my referral link a while back and may sub soon. My account has since lapsed into Alpha state. Will I still receive the PLEX reward?

Also, with the recent PLEX changes, would I receive 500 PLEX?

Magic 8-Ball says… “Don’t get your hopes up”

My only guess is that you will get 30 days Omega if you are an Alpha, since it states Alphas are not eligible to receive PLEX.

And yes, if you are Omega you would get 500 PLEX, because who wouldn’t want 30 days Omega time if PLEX was in a lower number?

As far as I know, you will receive 30 days of Omega, but you won’t be able to claim it as an Alpha, not until you upgrade your account yourself, so you’ll end up with 60 days.

What are you on about? You cannot claim PLEX as an Alpha, only 30 days Omega, because you’re Alpha, enough said. That would be a cheesy way of CCP promoting inviting friends over in order for you to be rewarded for bringing people willing to go Omega whether by PLEX ingame or by subbing. You just go to the page and claim the reward

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