Claiming plex or game time

I’ve just upgraded my alt account to omega again with adding game time for the second time.
But on my main account in Recruits and rewards center still nothing is showing up to claim reward.
How long does this usually take to have the option to claim reward out of that?

AFAIK you get the reward only the FIRST time you upgrade.

has that been changed or has it always bene like that?

Don’t know, but I’ve found this in Terms & Conditions in the Invite a friend page

Only the first method of payment is taken into consideration for this program and no subsequent payments provide eligibility.

I have asked some people in game they say every time you pay real money (not plex) you get a reward, so it should work.
I guess I have to wait till the reward center is updated or something

Are there known delay issues in ‘Recruits and rewards center’ ? since I still did not recieve any reward

My guess is that CCP’s intent was to only give a reward for the first time your recruit upgraded to the Omega state. That would be consistent with their previous recruitment program (prior to Alpha/Omega clones states).

However, the way it has been worded on the Invite a friend page does say “Earn your choice of 30 days of game time or 500 PLEX every time one of your recruits upgrades to an Omega account.”

The way it’s wrote is pretty black and white. It supports the idea that every time a “recruit” account lapses into Alpha state and then is upgraded back to the Omega state, the “recruiter” is due to receive a reward from CCP.

Unfortunately, I doubt CCP intended to roll out their rewards in this fashion, so I’m left wondering how they will address this.

if there were only active admins on the forum

@CCP_Falcon Do you or one of your colleagues have any advice/information for the OP regarding the subject at hand?

The reward has only ever been for them upgrading from recruit/alpha to what is now omega for the first time. And it had to be done via CC, not plex, for any reward to be issued.

I have never once heard of recurring rewards which if I’m reading this correctly is what you were expecting. Either that or you’re actually referring to a bug where you’ve paid with CC both times and still not received your initial reward. In which case what you need to do is open a ticket, not come to the forums.

@Nasar_Vyron that’s what you do at the forums, you ask about.
I’m not here to meme

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And I answered you very seriously. I told you how it’s always been, and looked at your question from two angles. Then I told you that this issue cannot be helped on the forums, that you’ll need to open a ticket to actually get this resolved. If a GM did respond it would be to tell you to open a ticket so they can assist you.

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The Recruit Program is intended for you to encourage new players to join EVE Online. Violating the purpose of the Recruit Program in any way or form is prohibited. Abusing the Recruit Program is considered an exploit and will not be tolerated. Violations of this rule will be handled by EVE Online Customer Support, and action will be taken against players who violate this rule (including, but not limited to, warnings or bans of the offending accounts and confiscation of ISK and other items).

You broke the Recruit Program terms & conditions. The GMs won’t give you any rewards for that. If you’re lucky, they’ll just leave you be. If you’re not so lucky, there will be actions taken against your account.

The plex reward is ONLY for the first time a buddy invite account upgrades to omega. if this is the second time you have upgraded it then there is no reward.

It states violation of it, therefore there is no discription what is considered violation.
Maybe I missed something but in legal terms I have done nothing wrong yet…if using an alt would be part of it.

I’m just using the service.

The very first sentence describes the intended use-case of the recruit program. Your alt isn’t a new player, therefor you are in violation of the T&C you agreed to abide by.

What a few others have said here is correct; you only get the reward one time per recruit if they choose to upgrade to Omega status.

You can see all the terms here (just scroll down and click the “Terms and Conditions” link at the bottom):

Ok now it’s all clear to me, I’m just wondering why everyone told me elsewhere you get a reward every time your recruit upgrades to omega (again).

Maybe they had in mind different recruits?

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