Recrute a Friend program and Alts

A few questions about the recruit a friend program Link to the program

  1. If I have 1 account (calling it account X) that is an Alpha clone, and create a new account using the recruit a friend program and bind it to the same email (calling it account Y), and buy 1 month Omega status to account Y does account X also get the time because of the recruit a friend program, and does it breach any game rule doing soo?

  2. If account Y gets more than one moth does the account X algo get the same time or only 1 moth.

  3. If account Y gets game time from buying Plex using ISK and then add Omega time using that Plex does it count to the recruit program?

  4. Its only work the first time buying Omega time?

  5. The Alpha clones can’t choise the reward but gets Omega time right?

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On the same page you linked you will find one of the answers you seek. If you are Alpha you will acquire game time for having a friend/alt upgrade to Omega, only 30 days no matter what the friend/alt picks, and you can only claim the reward once per friend/alt. The Method your friend/alt uses does not matter, whether he buys PLEX and uses it or subs, it counts.

Just make sure that when creating the alt account you use the same email and name, or CCP might find that as Account Sharing which is somewhere in the EULA.

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if you are in the alpha State you don’t receive any rewards

you have to have omega time to receive any rewards

but I do recommend doing that so you can have a character with more skill points

I would like to correct you there. Alpha recruiters ARE rewarded, but only get Omega time rather than PLEX

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