Recruit a friend - inviting your alt(s)?

I’m unclear on some of the rules for the buddy invite program - on the one hand, the rules state:

The Recruitment Program is intended to encourage players to invite new players to join EVE Online as well as reap rewards for controlling multiple accounts.

But on the other:

Existing accounts can only be recruited if they are not linked to any Recruiter accounts.


Abusing the Recruitment Program (such as by creating multiple accounts that are discarded later to farm rewards) is considered an exploit and will not be tolerated.

So, can I create a new alt account, invite it with my main, upgrade it to Omega and get the rewards? Can I do this multiple times? When is it okay and when is it not? Can I use the alt(s) as e.g. an Alpha scanning alt or a hauler after the Omega lapses? If I only use them occasionally, is that considered “discarding to farm the rewards”?

Can I get some clarification here?

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