Recruitment Issue

So I’ve had a ticket open for a while now, unanswered. I’m sure they’ll get to it eventually, but perhaps someone here is familiar with matters and will be able to answer my question earlier.

I’ve got alt accounts. While the recruitment rewards are reduced, I’d still like to collect on those benefits. I have, however, also recruited friends/coworkers into Eve.

Which is where it gets tricky.

I see on my recruitment page that I have two recruits (only two though, which is weird because I know for fact that I’ve recruited more alts than that and I’ve also recruited someone who bought a 3 month sub), Recruit 1 and Recruit 2 (those are the exact names). No identifying information. No referral email address, no pilot names, no nothing.

Does anyone know of a way to correlate which accounts those might be?

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