Friend Recruitment Problem

Hi, I m here with a friend and trying to create account using my recruitment link.

He fills the info and when clicking Start Playing for Free… site loop that big loading circle.

Any ideas?

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Wow, already been 1 day and no replies? That’s definitely sad.

Anyway, it sounds like a technical issue. Probably the best thing to do is contact Customer Support about it.

Also you might find an answer in this sub-forum.

Welcome to Eve.

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Has the friend tried applying to New order logistics?

That could speed up the process.

Thank you. It was a technical problem and support solved it. Thank you both for answering.


Good to hear that, hope your friend enjoys life as a Capsuleer.


Welcome to EVE! CCP has recently started a test that, well frankly pissed off a lot of players. It could be a tough time for new players.

I would suggest being constative in your game play for the next couple of weeks,

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