This is …


We are unable to connect to the EVE Online servers at the moment. You can still finish submitting your ticket without connecting to the game server, but this may lead to slower ticket processing. To continue please include as much detail as possible regarding your issue and affected accounts/characters. Alternatively log in again to restart the submission process (all form data will be lost).

I just no longer have words…

Fix your ■■■■ CCP !!!

I have no issues the problem must be at your end. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think so . Of all of the webpages that are working perfectly fine for me , CCPs support page is the one that can’t load a support form .

EVE Online (support requests) Loads with no issue, can also sign in no problem, though maybe a bit slow but not sure if because I do multiple stuff or because the site itself is slow.

Also loads without issues.

Dude it’s not the site itself , it’s the support form when you try to open a ticket . It won’t load the support form . If the site was slow for you too , then they have some problems.

That is why I’ve loaded the requests page and also as I wrote I was doing multiple stuff. I’ve opened an earlier support ticket no problem and also as now am not doing other stuff so now it loads fast.

This comes from their page:

Notice that is not an “You” there , it’s a “We” .

Now, i get it that if works for you , but for me it’s not working and unless you have a working solution for me to share , you’re not helping here.

I’m helping you by letting you know the issue is at your end.

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I guess you need this badly:

Anyway as the issue is at your end maybe try a traceroute it might show where the issue is, maybe it is your ISP and the appropriate person to tackle it is your ISP support rep not CCP.

No, take the red pill and embrace being a bitter vet.

Every thing is terrible. CCP killed my play style. Pearl Abyss is destroying the game.


Pearl Abyss is owned by the lizard overlords that control the earth.


@Astelon_Bheskagor you aren’t running Linux are you? That could be affected to more than just the launcher.

No. Not on this PC at least .

I sent the ticked via classic e-mail.

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