RIP - Buddy Referral Program

Recruiting rewards just got nerfed. I thought the intention behind these changes was to give further incentives, not discourage recruiters. I also find it odd that with CCP being somewhat compulsive about maintaining stats, that all previous recruitment records are gone - so there is no way for me to verify when recruits prior to June 9th go Omega. This essentially invalidates my offer, good job CCP, you screwed it up.

CCP literally cut the plex rewards in half.

Previously 1 omega recruit: 500 plex
Now: 250 plex

And then CCP tried to add some chasers, like an additional 2000 plex after 20 recruits. But the comparison is still crap:

Previously 20 Omega recruits: 10,000 plex
Now: 7,000

And getting 20 paying recruits is no small task. In my 5 years, I don’t think I’ve managed that. Of course there is no way for me to know for sure now, since CCP has deleted all of my recruitment data for some unknown reason. One might think, that coming up with ways to get MORE players would be more important than reducing the rewards for those that regularly work on this task.


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