Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(CCP Falcon) #1

Check out this short blog for more details on the new Recruitment Program that’s coming on July 11th, as well as details of the rewards on offer for bringing in new rookie pilots!

Read all about it here!

RIP - Buddy Referral Program
(Romano Funaila) #2

So any changes on the rewards for the recruiters?

(Arthur Aihaken) #3

I assume this thread will be updated with the new recruitment link on July 11th?

(Dyver Phycad) #4

Why would you use a recently nerfed ship as advertisement material? :thinking: Hopefully it is not indicative of the new program.

(Arthur Aihaken) #5

Too bad the SKINs say “RECRUITER” down the side. Could’ve left that part off, to be honest.

(Gneeznow) #6

I could not recommend eve in good faith to anyone these days, tbh

(Dark Engraver) #7

Recruit who? Yea I can make more pi alts and referral them but everyone I ever tried to get to join heck I even offered to fund them in game with isk and ships didn’t like the game or had a bad impression about it already.

(Professor Agony) #8

Will there be any retroactive perks in the form of apparel or skins for people who have recruited in the past? I just recruited some people, guess I miss out?

(Arthur Aihaken) #9

Not to bead a dead Icelandic whale here… but if CCP focused on the high-sec, low-sec, DoW, bounty and general griefing mechanics (trade scams and duel/station games need to be hit with the kill bat)… we’d see a lot more player conversions and people generally signing up.

EVE has to evolve if it wants to continue to attract new players. What worked 15 years ago (FFA, total anarchy) doesn’t fly these days. This isn’t to say you can’t have scams or ganking, but there needs to also be a counter.

No one likes 1000+ ship TIDi fests. It may snag an occasional news headline - but this doesn’t do anything for the average recruit. They want to get into the game and start shooting stuff. And right now, there’s very little in the way of content or opportunity for players to do that with each other. What always ends up is PvG (new player vs. gang). So the only solution is to find a gang so you don’t get constantly whelped. That’s hardly an incentive for new players to stick around.

Addendum: One last thing. CCP would really benefit from a reduced Alpha 6-month subscription (half price, one-time) that allows players to continue skill training at the same reduced Alpha rate, As a paid Omega I have no problem whatsoever with this, and I think to prevent it being abused skill extractors should only be allowed on Omega characters. Beyond this they can remain an Alpha, sign-up or PLEX their account. CCP already offers one-time DLC deals per character so this would be very easy to implement.

(12433412) #10

IMHO, there are two factors that need to be resolved before any FTP and/or recruitment program will bring any benefits. After these 11 years I’ve been more and less playing, i"d like to name some on and off factors:

  1. The wealth distribution is terrible. Without great undertaking, it is not possible to earn, in an enjoyable fashion, for game time in-game. Either join one of the great 0.0 alliances and participate in schemes you have not grown to enjoy yet, run missions for several days just to keep your omega state, or learn to enjoy the ‘extended trial’ alpha state. My feeling is that most people get turned off when they learn how much time they’d spend grinding for plex.

  2. PvP is pants. It is almost granted you will get into a fight you can never win. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy the complexity behind fitting and tactics. There’s just no chance to get anything remotely reminding a fair fight in Eve. A duel, anyone? :slight_smile: Think of some sort of arenas with mechanics similar to alliance tournament (maybe triglavian space with two entrances and a single exit for the winning party). Btw, I enjoyed my first being ganked at the exit. Pitting an essentially PvE ship with many fitting compromises against a PvP gang is one of the less good ideas. I will just go back to tier 3 unless I want to keep two RR friends waiting for me at the exit (or what was the idea behind the counter?).

To sum it up:
Scratch 0.0 alliance membership as the only straight-forward way of paying for Eve in-game (maybe the triglavian encounters are there to fill this role - though market-dependent sources of income always tend to be diminishing).
Make PvP enjoyable for all fleet sizes and experience levels. I nearly stopped solo gameplay after losing a fifth tengu to a t1 frig blob.

Lastly, the last guy I happened to recruit quit after two months not willing to invest that heavily in Eve - time and money-wise. The game seemed to require too much dedication just to begin with. But hey, it’s just a game after all…

(mimi45) #11

This is just another failure and bad joke,

go hone and return when make someting good this is just rubbish … :roll_eyes:

(Ember Fireheart) #12

It’s great that you want to get more newbro’s into eve but maybe you have to consider making a proper story line game play for new players to understand what eve is really about.

The biggest problem is that when you start you have to afk for long periods of time while waiting for skills to train up what might be a good idea is lower the sp requirement’s of level’s 1-3 and add that time back on level 4, that way new players can skill up and test things a lot quicker without saying to them selves hey I want to fly this ship but i have to wait 8 hours let me log off.

Then 8 hours later they don’t feel like logging back in because they have lost that momentum which is crucial for hooking someone initially on a game, I don’t know how many times Iv played a game for 3 hours only to stop playing and not return for months later when a friend asks me to play and then only after 8 hours of game play does it actually hook me.

(12433412) #13

Many newbies want to PvP right from the start, but they end up rather irrelevant. Even level 1 or 2 would be fine if all they got to face was not veteran pilots but rather something their size/experience.

I even remember the learning skills, was fun learning :)! I would second 2M unallocated skillpoints on each new char. New people could re-roll their characters till they got something that was working for them. Why not? That could reduce the ‘irrelevancy’ period.

(Golden Askiras) #14

Its great to see that CCP are continuing to work on the new player experience. As getting newbros in is arguably the most important thing to the longevity of the game.

I’m VERY nervous about this change.

The current recruitment system was great because I could get a new player or one of my RL friends in, and could let them try it, and then I could pay for their first month, as plexing their account would get me gametime too!

This was great because it allows me to get a lot of my friends hooked.

PLEASE do not remove the plex/gametime reward. That is the most critical thing.

The skins etc are nice, but:

a) The marshal and other concord ships are horrendously expensive, and most players will never be able to afford or fly them, so they will not have an interest in the skins

b) Because of this, the market will be flooded with these skins, and so they won’t be of much value.

I understand that this is probably to combat sp farmers using it, though really, I think that changing the recruitment system to something that is LESS rewarding is not a good plan.

It means that less newbros will have time gifted to them, so they will be less likely to carry on playing (that first month of omega makes a HUGE difference)

And it means that people will be less incentivised to recruit anyway if the rewards are shrinking

(boernl) #15

i agree with golden askiras
the gametime reward is most likely for the ppl that are not realy $ heavy in real life more apropiate than a skin wich does not have a guaranteed value

(Arthur Aihaken) #16

Quiet and take your SKIN!

(Arthur Aihaken) #17

CCP, you should really watch this video.
It pretty much sumarizes what many of us have been telling you for years. Until you address these issues, your recruitment efforts are going to fail before they even begin.

(Elizabeth Norn) #18

I hope you’re addressing some obvious issues like the dishonest advertising in the Buddy invites and rewards from other players thread, the slight difficultly in linking peoples’ in-game characters with their entry on your list of past buddy invites to provide them their promised reward, the confusion in which payments provide a reward, and the ambiguity of whether you’re allowed to recruit yourself.

I’m guessing the rewards will be substantially less than the current 500 PLEX / 30 days of game time per recruit which should go towards making those issues somewhat irrelevant.

(Evasive Shadow Assassin) #19

You cannot force people to recruit and promote your game before you fix the issues that already exist

Go watch it, go watch what happens when a 15yr player of eve online looses hope in CCP - Because You, to me, will never fix what needs to be fixed, you just pile shiny ■■■■ ontop of stinking ■■■■ to hide the problems


(CowRocket Void) #20

#whoareyou #hisec #verticalvid #canihaveyourstuff #wowisthatway

Irrelevant video, the core eve game is fine and working as intended. Some game play issues need to be fixed or tweaked but eve 2018 is a much better place than eve 2009.