Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(Evasive Shadow Assassin) #21

Well done, true eve online fanboi

#hisec - i live in low sec idiot

this ccp, is the playerbase you want to promote

(Arthur Aihaken) #22

EVE Online
EAVE Online
EA Online.

(Chance Ravinne) #23

@CCP_Falcon I am extremely nervous about everything in this post.

I have pulled almost 3,000 players through the old recruitment program. Obviously not all of them ended up subscribing. But hundreds have. As a result, I would guess that I’m one of the “more prolific” referral people out there.

This blog talks about rewards getting capped at 40 referrals. 40! I have to assume that this means 99% of people don’t refer anywhere near 40 people. But having gone way over that limit already I’m super nervous what that means for me. It is hard to think any reward is going to be better than just “tons and tons of PLEX.”

Second concern is transparency. When CCP transitioned from the previous reward system (including Catalyst SKINS) to the one now, I asked for details on what the changes would be and what would carry over and never got an answer. As a result I made blind decisions that cost tens of billions of ISK, if not more. It just felt really bad to be in that position. Now we have another update with no notes about what happens to unclaimed referrals currently sitting in the pre-redemption queue. I do not want to lose 100 billion ISK gambling on whether I should be cashing out now or not. But with 1 day’s notice (ONE!!!) and the odds that nobody will shed light on it, I will probably have to.

Last note: why? Why the change? What was not working about the old system? Why are these changes being made? There is no explanation anywhere in the blog.

I am going, right now, to go cash out every last eligible referral I have as PLEX. I hope this is not a catastrophic and stupid choice but without more details, how would I know? This makes me feel really crappy overall. I don’t know how else to put it.

(elitatwo) #24

I wanted to click the sad-face icon.

Dear Chance, you are not the only one being concerned. Kudos on your part, bringing many new folks in and I hope you get your rewards, you earned them.

What really bugs me is that every new dev blog gets a “what did they do now??” question in my mind and no longer the “something cool is about to happen”, which happened in 2008 for the last time and 4 more times in 2012 when the tiericide started.

(boernl) #25

who the hell are you to tell me to be quiet ??

(Zarvox Toral) #26

Agree completely with Chance I just don’t get this. I read it just facepalming - wtf are they nerfing recruitment rewards for…

Currently I get a pretty good reward of 500 PLEX with no cap for a good portion of people who Omega after using my ref link - and I’ve had about 150 of people recruited go onto Omega. Now I see that this is going to be probably capped at 40, with no concrete mention of whether current PLEX rewards will stay even for those 40. Just hand-wavy stuff apart from the 40 cap 0.o

I don’t know if you guys realise but taking away gigantic potential rewards from the most prolific recruiters is perhaps the exact opposite of a good idea if growing the playerbase is considered a good thing?

I just don’t get it. Are CCP meetings like “Hey guys Eve player numbers are going through the roof, we don’t need more players, lets nerf recruitment rewards through the floor for our most prolific recruiters”

I mean I think the current rewards are okay, but I would also think that since like, more players are good, maybe BUFFING the recruitment rewards is a good idea? No?

I guess that’s why I’m no game designer lol

(Zarvox Toral) #27

I guess my own two cents for CCP would be

If the new reward system, is by any measure whatsoever, a reduction from the current system, I implore you dudes to rethink. Seriously. Why in god’s name would you want to nerf the return to people doing the work and bringing in new blood (ESPECIALLY the people who’ve brought in 40+ Omegas) - it just boggles my mind!

I don’t even care for myself, I get donated way more isk by viewers than I get from recruitment. I just facepalm so hard trying to understand the point of penalising whoever is somehow able to recruit more than 40 omegas. Jesus.

edit: I may be jumping the gun here. Maybe the new proposed system still gives 500PLEX as currently but @CCP_Falcon didn’t include this information yet, although with the only mention being “PLEX being up for grabs” I somehow doubt it. Please, some concrete info would be great, especially given that the proposed change is occuring in about 48 hours!

(boernl) #28

zarvox i personaly think that by fighting the sp farms they lose track of the normal recruiters who are actualy brining in new ppl

(Zarvox Toral) #29

Dude if the actual reason for these sweeping changes can be described as “SP farming is broken so we’re going to nerf recruitment rewards” then - well I dunno. Lets just say I need to get back to Earth before the ■■■■■■■ Stargate closes

(boernl) #30

it is not the firts time ccp created a feature and than nerved the result of it i cant say i didnt see this coming but its like cleaning up the water after breaking the tap
im not just talking abotu the skill extractors / injectors im mroe talkign abotu the alphas

(Arthur Aihaken) #31

It was meant in jest. Sorry if that wasn’t readily apparent…

(Makavi Madeveda) #32

CCP has to delay rewards because tons of inactive accounts never even bothered to claim their recruitment rewards before hitting the uninstall button, and somehow think another fail recruiting system will fix that. Why the hell would anyone who actually cared about someone recommend this game to that person? This is the game you recommend to random twats on foums you’ll never visit again once done spamming your recruitment link, and people you just genuinely hate and want to blow up. I only play the damn game because 1.) I hate myself more than any douchenozzle here ever could and 2.) my other interactive wallpapers got boring.

(Chance Ravinne) #33

The whole point of my post was total lack of clarity and transparency. If the reason they are changing the program is to deal with skill point Farms or some kind of scam, they should say that in the post. The way the post is written it just makes it feel like the primary goal is to demoralize people with a lot of referrals. Because it is hard to imagine that someone who was not enticed to refer people before when the reward was almost 1.5 billion isk, is going to be enticed by some skins or apparel that, let’s face it, is not going to be worth more than 1 billion isk.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #34

I would assume the new GDPR compliance rules precipitated some need for change, particularly with how email contact info is stored.

“along with the need to comply with new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, email referral links will not be available in the new system, only custom links.”

(Chance Ravinne) #35

That only explains the “how to share links” part of the change, not the “rewards, their caps, and everything associated with them” part

(CCP Falcon) #36

If they’ve already upgraded, then you’ve already received your reward (500 PLEX or a month of Omega)

If they haven’yt upgraded, the open links will be migrated to the new system, as explained in the blog.

(CCP Falcon) #37

PLEX is still included in the reward system, and there’ll be BPCs for the CONCORD hulls included in the rewards too, similar to how we issue rewards in Project Discovery.

You’re not receieving one SKIN per recruit, so the market shouldn’t get too hammered. We’ll keep a close eye on the price of stuff though, and monitor how the rewards are performing.

The reward structure also isn’t permanent, and will evolve over time :slight_smile:

(Shipwreck Jones) #38

I made a video covering the changes for anyone interested -CCP Nerfs Recruit A Friend.

  1. I’m also upset and befuddled by the cap. Wouldn’t you want to keep incentivizing your most successful recruiters? FYI, I made 575 referrals and 47 upgrade successes in a little over 7 months of making videos, and I’m a small time YouTuber.
  2. I don’t know how most people do their recruiting, but I did mine through scripted videos, which take a TON of work. Needless to say, this greatly ate into my game time, and my ability to earn in-game. Lessening rewards would diminish incentives for all recruiters, but it would hit scripted content creators (and any one else who has long turn around times for their content) especially hard. Hopefully, stuff like skins and accelerators are milestone rewards in addition to the standard plex rewards, but the wording in the dev blog makes me doubt that.
  3. Speaking of which, I too would appreciate a little more transparency (i.e. what are the specific changes, and why are they being made).

(CCP Falcon) #39

You’ll be able to earn rewards for each recruit indefinately, and then receive extra rewards for up to 40 new recruits.

We’ll be looking to expand that in the future, depending on how things go and how popular the program is.

Your case of having billiions on the line because of the switch to a new program is very rare, and we can’t design an entire program around edge cases. That sounds harsh, I know, but needs to be balanced for the average person using it, not the extreme case of a single person recruiting thousands of people.

The old system also had a complicated setup, since we had a “pre-redeeming” queue, which causes this issue. The new system will not have a “pre-redeeming” queue, rewards will simply be delivered to your redeeming queue when you have earned them. You recruited these players based on the 500 PLEX reward and it seems reasonable that your reward for those recruits will be 500 PLEX / recruit.

We wanted to create a new system which creates incentives to recruit more and more players, but also gives recruiters rewards for smaller events than their recruit upgrading to Omega – since that is often a commitment people are not always willing to make (at least not immediately).

We understand for streamers this is not necessarily a positive change, since you receiving 500 PLEX from people upgrading through your link might be preferred, but please note we are trying to design a system that incendivities people to recruit new people (for example, their friends) to the game.

It’s also important to keep in mind that these rewards are not permanently set in stone – we’ll iterate on them in the future based on feedback and data.

(CCP Falcon) #40

We’re definitely not trying to nerf the current system, and when you have taken a look at the new reward structure we would love your feedback. You can still earn rewards / recruit indefinitely, but the rewards for total recruits will be expanded past 40 once we’ve received feedback and looked into the data.