EVE Online 1 Million Skill Points Recruitment Program Not Worth It

I recently returned to Eve Online after a 10-year break. Within those 10 years, I grew a gaming community called Salty Zombies. We mainly play Zombie survival-type games. I decided to recruit a few fellow community members to try Eve with me and got them to use my Eve Online 1 Million Skill Points affiliate link that you see people spamming in local.

Recently, I hit 20 recruits who successfully signed up to Omega and got my 2,000 Plex, worth roughly $80 or 10.6 Billion ISK. The next reward comes at 40 recruits who successfully sign up for Omega. Even though I had an advantage with a rather large gaming community, getting 20 was tough. So, to do that all over again, I assumed this next reward would be more than doubly worth it… Nope! It’s actually worth a lot less.

40 recruits get you the Marshal Blueprint, worth around 8 Billion ISK, and the Skin, worth 1.3 billion ISK—a total of 9.3 Billion. I could sell my 2,000 plexes, worth 5,300,000 ISK each, totalling 10.6 billion, and buy the final reward with 1.3 billion in change.

Not to mention, going from 0 to 20 recruits gets you all the rewards from 1st, 2nd, 5th and 10th successful sign-ups. So once you hit 20, it would be 100x better to create a new account and push that affiliate link to get to 1 to 20 again, rather than 20 to 40 and only get the Marshal BPC.

Let’s tweak Eve Online’s 1 Million Skill Points recruitment program to lower the Marshal to 30 or add a fat Skill Points bonus. For example, 10 million skill points would be hugely enticing to recruit another 20 people again.

10 million Eve Online Skill points wouldn’t be overkill because 1 month of Omega is $20. If we reach 40 people signing up, that means, at the very minimum, we have put $800 in CCP’s pocket. That’s enough to buy around 24,000 Plex’s, which, if sold on the market for 5.3 million ISK each, would be a little over 127 Billion ISK. Since skill injectors are around 1 billion each these days, and if you are over 80 million skill point Toon, which you probably will be by the time you successfully get 40 recruits to sign up to Omega. That means each injector will only give you 150,000 skill points, which, by 127x, is a little over 19 million Eve Online Skill Points.

I explain this more in-depth in my guide to claiming your 1 million Eve Online skill points, along with some other tips and tricks for getting skill points.

Lastly, I would like to add that your reward when your recruit buys a plex is 4x Master At Arms Cerebral Accelerators. These are unhelpful. I just sell them off for cheap. 100,000 skill points for every recruit who buys a Plex would be more helpful.

In a nutshell, adding Skill Points as a reward for the recruiter would be a much better option. It would also be nice to see the Toon name of the person who used my affiliate link on my recruitment page.

What do you guys think?

This would be amazing! CCP should really look into revamping their program since Eve has been slowly dying. I, too, am on 20+ referrals and 100% yes, knowing the toons that used my link would be very helpful rather than just having:

Recruit 1
Recruit 2
Recruit 3

I would also like to know where I can find the number of people who have signed up. I know I have been 20+ since I got my 2,000 plex, but there is no way to know if I have 22, 28, or 35. I will only know how many once I reach one of the reward fresh holds.

Please, CCP, read this post!