Free skills claim

I have seen this now a couple of times now and wonder whether anybody has too?

Claim your 1,000,000 FREE skill points on EVE Online official website ! It’s available for NEW and OLD accounts now ! Scroll down and click “become a recruit” Easy as that ! Only one chance per account, don’t miss it !

I am not going to advertised the link and i have not done it myself. What are your thoughts? is it a hoax?

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It’s legit.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Eve has this recruiter system going on, where any account can provide others with a friend-invite link and clicking it will cause two things to happen:

  1. You actually do get the 1 million skill points
  2. The recruiter will receive rewards based on how long you remain Omega, spend money and so forth.

I was also suspicious when I started out, since clicking random links is arguably the oldest way to get screwed on the internet. Just check if the site starts with, and then you should be good.
Hell, you can just take mine → Get 1 million Skill Points for signing up free to EVE!

Or alternatively, you can create a second account, and provide the recruiter link to yourself. Note, that an account that provided a person with a recruiter link, can not use an invite link from the same person in return.

Redeemable regardless of character age, which is particularly good if you’re keeping up with your cybersecurity and haven’t yet redeemed it upon starting out.

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You can learn about the referral/recruiting for EVE online via Recruit a friend and get rewards | EVE Online

Additionally there are players who have shared their links in an appropriate manner here: Third Quarter Buddy Invites 2023


Yes…most of my in-game ‘blocked’ list is spammers of said free skills points.

If you search this forum for “recruit” you may find some better offers.


Only ONCE per account now somehow in the past I’ve got it on several characters within one account but definitely not now

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