[Resolved] Retroactive recruitment link temporarily disabled

Good afternoon capsuleers,

It has come to our attention that there is a malfunction in the retroactive recruitment process whereby some recruiters were receiving the wrong rewards. Recruitees were correctly receiving 1 million skillpoints, this was only affecting some recruiters.
We are investigating this but in the mean time, effective immediately, the retroactive recruitment link has been temporarily disabled. In the interim, you will still be able to use your recruiter link for new pilots.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to rectify this issue and restore intended use to the recruiter tool. We will update this thread as we know more information.

EVE Online Dev Team

E: as of 15:35 on 10 November, the issue has been resolved and the retroactive recruitment link is back online and giving the correct rewards. It may take a few moments for the fix to apply, but should be up and working well before 16:00. Thanks everyone, and happy recruiting!


Hey Swift, as a retroactive recruitee the 1mil sp never showed up and when I tried to do it again straight after it wouldn’t allow me to use the same account again.

I got the verification email at 06:47 eve time so must have been just before that.

Can you tell us the bug, if it wasn’t the 1M SP.

It seems that people who retroactively recruited Omega accounts were getting the benefits of recruiting an Omega account, i.e. 15 days free omega and progress on the recruiter track. Was that a bug? It seemed legitimate, but also EXTREMELY generous from CCP.

From what I understand, one of the bugs was you could re-recruit accounts that you had already recruited as of this morning, giving them 2m free sp instead of 1m, plus it counting twice towards your recruiter milestones

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Let me know then it’s back so I could update my media outlet

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I suspect that the system was counting very old payments to the new recruiter.


Yeah, that was definitely happening. The system says if the user ever bought Omega/Plex, they count as Omega/Plex, and it seems in this case it meant you could refer your past accounts to get 15 days free on each other.

Maybe not intended, but doesn’t seem like an exploit, compared to say referring yourself twice!

I did the recruitment link this morning, it can only occur once though

retroactive taking effect from a date in the past.

So if the pilot signed up under your link but never applied Omega straight away there is no link or link is not working.

Also while there is a fix in the works could there be a slight improvment to show which accounts are linked?

Just a reminder that you cannot trust CCP temporarily disabling anything.

Any update here? Do we know what is going on?


It showed up on 1 of 10 out of mine.

I had the same, it said I would get 1000000 Skill Points but nothing arrived :frowning:

I never got my 1000000 skill points, it said I would but they never arrived :frowning.
Can we try again?

Hey there! IF this happens, please file a support ticket and the GM’s will get you sorted ASAP

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