Recruitment Link Not Working for Retroactive Recruits

The Uprising Expansion announcement has this paragraph:

If a capsuleer you have recruited did not create an account through a recruitment link, you can now recruit such accounts retroactively. Both you and your recruit can claim rewards defined by the Recruitment Program rules, too! Recruits will receive 1,000,000 SP immediately after being recruited and the recruiter will receive free Omega and accelerators when their recruit converts to Omega and purchases PLEX.

However, when my friend, who has an existing account but didn’t create it as a recruit, clicks on the link generated from the Recruit A Friend page, it just bumps them to the “Download Client” page and doesn’t assign them as a recruit to my account.

Has anybody successfully ‘retroactively’ recruited a friend? What am I missing here?

Maybe there’s limits on the accounts that can do it.

it logs him in as I use it and it works

Oh lordy, it looks like sometime between when I made this post and when
Mindahouf Davaham replied, they fixed it. It now works for me, too. Previously the “LOG IN TO BECOME A RECRUIT” button wasn’t showing.


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wait does the seven days count as purchasing omega

No. It need’s to be 1 month.

i wish that worked

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