Question of Recruit a friend

I had created my account through an invited mail. Now it’s time to update to omega. Found there is METEOR PACK which can provide 1 month omega upgrade and 110 Plex. Want to know if my first upgrade can use this pack and my friend can get the recruited reward?

You can use this pack to upgrade your account, of course.
Unfortunately, your friend probably will not get a corresponding reward as per Recruit a Friend program rules:
To be eligible for rewards, the new Recruit account needs to be activated and the account Omega fee for the Recruit account received by CCP. The Recruit account Omega fee may not be paid using Direct Debit, any in-game currency or other game credits, including (but not limited to): PLEX, CD Keys, including CD Keys or CD-Key type Starter Packs purchased or received from non-CCP sources and online stores such as, but not limited to: Amazon Starter Pack and Game Stop.

I also reccomend you to contact our customer support to clarify this question.

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