New Omega- Can I still get buddy invite?

hi Im new in the game and immediately decided to upgrade to omega. Now I’m wondering if it’s still posible to be invited for the recruit a friend scheme. Im after the free skill points. TIA.

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I think the process is

  1. Player 1 invites you to play the game through invitation
  2. Through the invitation you create your account
  3. Upgrade
  4. Both benefit

I highly doubt you can sign up your account for recruit a friend, considering you 1) already made an account and 2) already upgraded

The only way you would be getting skill points now would be through another account made through the invite a friend program. But hey, you can try your luck and invite someone, that will give ya enough PLEX for another 30 days of Omega and you could sell those for a skill injector. Whatever floats your boat. (Do remember that if you are an Alpha and recruit someone you will get 30 days of Omega instead of PLEX)

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thanks bro. guess i just need to be patient in gaining SP now.

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Also welcome to Eve,

Just remember there’s plenty of info available via google search in various wiki’s, guides, youtube vid’s and threads in these forums.

May you have a long rewarding career here in Eve.

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