Uninformed recruitment bonus and lack of grace period

I joined the game at April 6th and had no idea there was a recruitment bonus. They simply don’t say a word about it when applying for new account, nor do they ever ask.
Now as the news show up, I finally realized I not only lost 250k SP for not using a recruitment link, I also have lost additional 500k SP since they modified the recruitment bonus. I would have joined after April update and I will have much more SP to start with everything.
Worst thing of all, I have bought Omega time and skill queue. I cannot just discard current account for additional SP that almost worth another month of Omega, if calculating from skill injector price.

I feel CCP does not care about players. They don’t tell player anything until they realize it, and the change on recruitment bonus is so large in such short informing time frame that it despaired me. I lose 50 USD if I start with a more well-trained character while I lose 20 USD if I just go buy off 750k SP from market. There is no “enter recruit key” function in-game as other games do so you can still get those bonus, just a bit late. I don’t know how to play this game now. It seemed fun before yesterday, but the feel of losing 750K SP really just make me want to quit now.

I really hope they can come up with a workaround for this issue. Until then I won’t spend anymore on this game and quit once Omega run out.
Thank you for reading.

If you buy TV from store for set price and lets say next day same store starts discount on same model of TV, you will go to store and demand return on difference in prices?

I also feel really bad about that change since I missed free SP but don’t get to emotional about this stuff. Yes, they should give information that they will again change recruit a friend program but maybe they wanted to avoid all the salt about this.

750K SP for fresh char is nothing much. Probable even basic core skills on decent lvl wont fit into it. Also SP means nothing. Your piloting skills make difference.

What are you doing in game on want to do in near future? There is ton of content for even 1 day old character to enjoy a game. EVE is your sandbox, create your own things to do you will enjoy. If you have hard time getting your bearings on what to do, consider joining corporation that train and learn rookie players. That aprox. 15 days of SP is not worth rage quit eve. Especially before you actually try game.

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It is HUGE if I must say. I sit on some queue struggling to pilot just a destroyer from career agent while thinking I could’ve already able to ride cruiser (despite I have no ISK for them yet) had I known about the program. Or even more basic ones, I could’ve get all magic 14 skills at level 4 in no time with 750k SP. The more I learn about the game the more despair I am about that 750k bonus.

And yes. In my home country, the law supports full refund or return the price difference in 14 days of purchase date for this kind of merchandise. TV, PC and anything that’s not categorized as grocery or underwear.

I know your pain. I also started new char not so long ago and after playing for hour or so you must simply log off because you wait for skills to finish career agents. But learn to be patient especially in eve because waiting 30 days for skill is really short training time in eve. And you will get to that level faster than you think, especially if you start to specialize in one thing.

My point is: take it easy and don’t let disappointment about that situation take out enjoyment from the game.

I also learned something today since never heard before about that refund in shops. Good to know.

yeah, its pretty common policy at most stores even in places where the law doesn’t expressly mandate it.
even ccp is usually pretty good about it if a sale starts a day or 2 after you buy something.

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