Friend program rewards?

Hi, I have some question for you.

I often subscribe account via friend program rewards.
thus, my account number is 25.

Invite self is abuse? Previously, GM said “It is perfectly safe”.(In my memories…)
but always create Alt account via this program, number of account will insane.

Null-sec trial alt account(API check Evasion) , multiple mining account,PI experimental account… I use buddy program for unique purpose, for myself.

Final word, is it abuse or not? I read EULA and explain of friend program, I am confused. There is no limit to make account via buddy program?

No, that’s ok. You can create alts with the buddy link.

Best way to start alts.

Many thanks for quick reply :wink:

I remember when I first started EVE, I was so proud/glad I had taken time to research, and contacted an approved “buddy” off the forums.

Huge help to a starting player.

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