Buddy rewards page missing

I have made use of the buddy invite system to create a new alt. I created said alt and went omega on the new account.

However there’s no website for the “get buddy reward” bit, no link to it not even a mention. I can see the “invite buddy” stuff fine, just not the “get your reward” thing. I’ve logged in, several times, with the correct account.

Any ideas?

log into your main, click the drop down

got a better pic to improve clarity


Peta Chieve is correct, it is where you get the rewards, a bit hidden I admit but I suppose not so if you would have clicked it to see what was in there considering it was an invite.

For more information you can find more about the topic on the support page:


This is what I see

are you sure you’re logged into your main account?

The account that was the anchor for the link

100% sure

Note that there isn’t even a buddy invite option.

Yeah, I just jumped onto another of my accounts and the option was there for me, even without any buddy links attached to it.

That looks like a bug, may also be a timer thing for omega, so that people can’t chain subs and plex payouts. That’s my best guess at least, you’ll want to submit a bug report and get CCP to look into that. Should be pretty fast reply, CCP are good with their player support, you may get some free game time out of it if it takes too long.

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That Plex window you just showed is the main menu, hover your mouse on the top where it shows “Recruit a Friend” and click “Past Invites”

But in the case it is some sort of bug do try and make a ticket and report it to the GM’s and CCP, they should help ya out with that.

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The account is well over a month old and it’s not been used for any “nefarious” stuff in this regard. I’ll file a ticket, thanks for the help though.

GM was unable to help.

I installed Chrome and it worked right away. Seems that the new Firefox update messed something up, somehow. Just to test I removed all addons, cleared cache and removed all related cookies. Still didn’t work on Firefox.


A shame firefox doesn’t work with some websites, I loved customising the top bar with an image or whatever, make it more original than just a white bar or other colour

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