How to gift Omega time to friend?

Hello. I have an active subscription, I would like to buy a month for my friend. 1 month costs 15$, but the plex to buy that amount of time is 20$. Is there any way around this?

I’m afraid not.

I don’t know how good of a friend he is but you could have him login to account management website and you use your credit card to buy him game time. Just remember to cancel auto-billing right after.

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Just spring for the big fiver, cheapskate, gosh.

He makes an Alpha account.

You give him a buddy link.

He upgrades to an Omega account.

You guys split the reward.

Rocket surgery unlocked.

Isnt this considered account sharing?

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How would it? Now let’s assume that they are IRL friends;

The scenario: Player A wants to gift Game Time to his friend Player B. Player A does not want to pay the 20 for 500 PLEX but instead would prefer to pay the 15 which it costs when bought on Account Management website.

How to workaround (should only be used if the two know each other irl!): Both players meet each other at either Player A’s or Player B’s place. Player B uses the internet-browser to login to the Acc. Management website, Player A uses his Credit Card to apply 1 months of Game Time and once it’s applied, goes to cancel the recurring payment plan that was applied (would automatically bill Player A’s CC if not done so). When the cancelation for the recurring payment plan is confirmed, account is logged out of website.
Player B can now enjoy his gift from his friend. No exchanges of account or personal information (credit card info) is required.

But if Player A and Player B do not meet, and instead, player A gives player B his account info for player B to log in, pay for the account, then log out, would that be considered account sharing?

Quite possibly yes; now whether the offence is big enough for CCP’s security team to take action upon it, your guess is as good as mine.

Okay. Because I dont talk or meet my friends in person anymore. Corona Virus and all that. We are all afraid, and as basement-dwelling gamers, our immune systems suck. All it takes is a LAN party and we will be dead within the week.

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…dude…well…alrighty then…

Used to be where one could gift another player gametime by right-clicking on plex and choosing who to activate the gametime for…haven’t checked that out since plex went granular…so dunno if that changed…

Suck it up and buy the $20 plex, OP. I wouldn’t buy plex from other than ccp’s official site or their few authorized resellers (no “gold seller” sites) even though it may be cheaper in the short term. Security concerns and a bannable violation of game EULA (sure one might very well get away with it, but still not a good idea, imo)

How about vouchers?
Perhaps via Steam or Amazon:

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