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Dear Eve online Community,

I am currently playing in an Alpha account, and I am looking forward to upgrade to an omega account.
I heard about the existence of the monthly subscription fee. Nevertheless, does a yearly or a permanent subscription fee to upgrade to Omega account exist?

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You can pay in batches, 3,6 or 12 months at once.

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Just because it hasn’t been mentioned yet, it could be worth mentioning that if this is your first time buying game time, you can get a good deal on a 12-month subscription, right?

If he wants to wait for CCPs next promo soon™, yeah.

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There’s many ways to add gametime, some even enjoy grinding PLEX, but if you compare RL time you need to earn 15 bucks to RL time to grind 2-3b ISK, well…
Here’s my way from alpha to omega: I started as alpha to find out if I like the game. Some reading and youtube wathching later, I found out about Buddy Programm - and that you are not able to convert your alpha if you want all the rewards. So I created a new account from scratch via a link provided from a program member - and that’s a massive help for a newbie! After 3 weeks my new Omega overtook my “old” alpha in total skillponts. I subscribed 3 months via credit card payment directly on CCP’s page (see link provided by vonBrenner) to save some bucks. This was about the price I usually pay for a new computer game in stores. Later I got me a 12 month subscription as I received some additional money. The longer you subscribe, the less you pay per month, but max subscription is 360 days (not one year :slight_smile: )
And now there’s enough time to wait for new promotions, special offers and other bargains from CCP and their retail partners. Just keep your eyes open. Purchased game time is just adding up.


thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Good info above and I would like to add some wisdom for the newbies who may be viewing this thread:

I personally recommend that a player go with a subscription before they start thinking about grinding in-game currency to buy gametime in-game.

This will allow a player focus on the game itself… its mechanics, intricacies, and nature… rather than grind and/or obsessively look for ways to make in-game money.

Once you have got a handle on the game itself and/or established yourself as an entity that can earn in-game currency and keep it, you can then start thinking about buying gametime from other players with deeper real-life wallets (because that is what PLEX is… one player paying for the subscription of another player in exchange for in-game currency).

Mind you, there are those out there who may balk at ~$15 a month for a game (or effectively ~10 /mo if one purchases a yearlong subscription up front)… but consider the following:

  • A bottle of so-so wine or a 6-pack of beer costs about $10 to $15 a purchase. And if you are like me, it won’t last a week.

  • A so-so dinner at a restaurant costs about $10 to $20… and it will only go last for an hour or two.

  • A night out with friends at the bars will easily cost $20 to $100 a night… and only last a few hours followed by the potential for a hangover and/or a doctor’s visit (for one reason or another) the morning after.

  • A gym membership can range anywhere from $20 to $100 a month and, realistically, you probably won’t go to it more than 2 to 4 nights of the week for an hour or two at a time.

  • You have probably spent much more than $15 on a whimsical purchase that serves no actual purpose other than “I want it!”

For between $0.33 to $0.50 a day you gain access to a vast persistent-world MMO with between 10,000 to 30,000 players (at any given time) 23 hours a day, 7 days a week.


CCP currently has a number of promotional packs: Galaxy, Star and Meteor which include game time and Plex plus other stuff that can be sold on the ingame market if it isn’t useful to you. You can purchase each of these packs once per account.

The packs are offered through authorized resellers like Amazon https://secure.eveonline.com/etc.aspx and occasionally go on sale for half price. Likewise, CCP will usually have a subscription offer that lets you purchase 12 months of game time for $99 - roughly 25% off once or twice a year.

I bought a couple of Galaxy packs from Humble Bundle at $49.99 three weeks ago - it’s likely Amazon or one of the other resellers will offer the same promotion within the next few weeks.


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