Can the Standard Pack be used on an Omega clone?

(Renee Frost) #1

I am thinking of buying the Standard Pack here:

Can this be applied to an existing Omega clone?

I have never activated a standard/premium pack on that clone before. However I did upgrade it from Alpha to Omega using a US$49.99 “1 x Omega upgrade special - 6 Months” offer.

(Kynami Vaille) #2

Consider me curious as well. I’ve not personally bought any time but while my friend was also playing he PLEXed me a couple times. But at that price I’d maybe pick it up if it would be a valid option.

(Arisidana) #3

Yes, you can use either the Standard or the Premium Pack.

(Linus Gorp) #4

Activation Notice:
This product can be used to upgrade an existing Alpha Clone account to Omega Clone state, if no previous Standard Pack or Premium Edition code has been activated.

(Joahna Gramer) #5

But can you use it on a account which already has Omega status, never used a pack before, and will you get the 30 days Omega status?

(Arisidana) #6

Yes, you can, but only once and only one of the packs.

(Renee Frost) #7

Confirmed[quote=“Arisidana, post:6, topic:6437, full:true”]
Yes, you can, but only once and only one of the packs.

Confirmed: bought a pack and successfully applied it to my Omega clone account. Cheers~