Galaxy pack

quick question

can an existing omega account use the galaxy pack
reviews are misleading and the info doesn’t state whether it can be used for an existing omega . rather not waste the money if its not redeemable


I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. It would simply add everything listed to your existing Omega time.

there are mixed reviews via amazon stating that some people with omega tried to redeem and were unable to due to already having an omega account

Is it only redeemable through Steam? Looks like a good deal, I just don’t use Steam.

EDIT: Read some reviews. Apparently it is only for new accounts that have never been Omega.

I bought the galaxy pack when it was on sale in the humble bundle store about two months ago. Everything worked as intended back then. But in the new description it says it can ONLY be used to upgrade an alpha account so that may have changed.

Same for me: bought it on humble bundle and it worked fine on my omega account. No idea now though…

If it works only for alphas, let your account lapse then activate?

given the plex price drops, and volume of MPTC on the market I’d have to assume it works on existing accounts

On the description it says

This pack can only be purchased once per account.

and one of the reviews says they could use it on their old account.

I was one of them…

Bought it from Amazon, got the code, went to my Eve account, put in code and was then told that my existing account (alpha at the time) was not eligible for the starter pack. It also stated that starter packs (IE Galaxy Pack) were for new accounts only. Luckily, I was able to get a refund and simply bought a 3 month code instead.

I used a meteor pack on my account from 2004 without issue, you also need to remember the “1 pack per account ever” rule that affects some of these codes

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