Galaxy Pack Offer

I see there is a cyber monday offer for the galaxy pack. I’f i’ve purchased this pack previously can I apply it again?

I believe it’s only once per account.


Greenman gaming page for the pack specifically says “can only be applied once per account”. You can apply it to a new or different account than the one you used the first time. I guess you could just create a new throwaway alpha account and apply the key there and then just transfer the assets over to the account you want them to be on.

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That is an option but then that Alpha gets 3 months Omega time which I wouldnt want it to have.

I’m not sure if there is any better way to use that 3 month Omega time then. Maybe a new account with Recruit a Friend and then extract the skill points from it or just use it as an alt?

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But can you do it if you’ve already used a different pack? Like eve premium edition?

Yes, you can use different packs on same account but not the same one twice

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Awesome, I really wanted to get this one, it’s a good deal

Just log in to your acct page.

If the GP is fuzzed out you can’t use it. If it isn’t, you can.

Though I have to say that a “sale” that can’t be bought by the only people that would be interested in buying it - as they already did, once - is not much of a sale. It might be time for CCP to do yet another outsource. This time for their marketing dept.

You have a really good point. How long has this SOE galaxy pack been out? I’ve only been back for about a month. Has it been the same pack all year? I’m hoping not.

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