Galaxy pack, star pack and meteor packs (DLC)

Hello all,

i was wondering about the galaxy, star and meteor packs on sale in the DLC section. i got 2 questions about it.

  1. When are we going to see some new DLC packs for sale?

  2. I have already bought it through eve online website all the packs, it says there is a limit of one purchase per account. if i were to buy or receive as a gift another one of these packs , would it still be blocked for that account where i have already bough the packs? or since it has been bought on amazon or steam, would it be able to be redeemed on the account?

thanks for your time

It doesn’t matter which way you received the pack, you only can redeem each pack once per account.
I bought them via Humble and received a redeemable code, same result.

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sorry for my ignorance, so you were NOTable to redeem 2 meteor packs or which ever one you got on the same account?

After I redeemed my humble code, I was no longer able to purchase any of these via my account. I’m pretty sure there will be an error message if I try to redeem a new code to that account, but I didn’t try yet :wink:

oh i see, will you let me know when you do it? :slight_smile:

No need to try. I can tell you right now that it is only 1 pack per account. So you cannot apply a meteor pack to your account if you have already purchased or redeemed it. It will give you a message stating that you have already activated one and therefore you cannot activate another.

Also to answer your first question, probably not for a while. We get the bonus “buy game time and get extra skins” and whatnot though, so you could try those packs.

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You could set up another account, buy that account the packs, then transfer items in game via a private contract.

thank you for your time guys! yeah i will just have to wait like everybody else

Except the game time goes to waste, cause you cant contract that.

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