Star Pack MCT

When i buy the star pack, will i then be able to sell the 2x MCT? Or do they just apply to my account?

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You can sell the MCT certificates. Packs are currently on sale at Humble Bundle.

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I bought the Galaxy pack when it was on offer, can I buy and use the Star pack on the same account?

I know the rules say only one of this pack can be used per account.


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I have used the galaxy and star packs on the same account, worked just fine.

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I have also used Star and Galaxy packs on the same account. The old Premium pack (no longer available) was also used on the account. You can use each pack once per account.

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Thanks for both replies. Looks like I will be buying one of these.

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I just bought the Galaxy Pack on Amazon for $49.99, definitely a great deal.

3 months of Omega game time
2x Multiple Character Training Certificates
1100 PLEX
5x Skill Extractors
3x Sisters of EVE Ship Skins (1 for each ship class) 
2x SoE Expeditionary Suits (Male & Female)

Just the 3 months of game time and 1100 PLEX at that price is well worth it, plus all the other items can be sold on the market to net billions of ISK without having to sell the PLEX which can then be used to sub another 2 months of game time.


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