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Just a quick question re. the 2 x Multiple Pilot Training Certificates included in the Star Pack - are they 2 separate certificates (ie I can use them on the same alt for 2 consecutive months) or do they train 2 alts at the same time?

I’ve just started playing Eve and only have 2 characters on my account, would I be correct in thinking that I could buy the Star Pack (which includes 30 days Omega time) and then a further 30 days Omega time to skill 1 character for 2 months, whilst the 2 x Multiple Pilot Training Certificates would allow me to skill my 2nd character for 2 months as well?

The MPTC is a single use Pilot Service that you apply to a training queue of your choice. If you have 2 of them, then they are 2 separate items useable as and when you want on whichever character you choose to use them on. There would be nothing to stop you applying one to your alt, waiting a month and then applying the second to the same alt.

Have a look at for further details on the MPTC and how it works.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Excellent, tyvm for the link :smile:

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Before buying the Star Pack, you should log into your account from CCP’s Account Management and see what deals they have for Omega Time. You’ll see any offers that pertain to your account there.

I’m suggesting you do this because CCP sometimes offers a very good discount down to $8/month for Alphas who are looking at going Omega for the first time, and if you apply the Star Pack you’ll no longer be a virgin Alpha, so to speak, because of the 30-day Omega that the Star Pack comes with.

Otherwise, yes, MCT you right-click it to activate, one at a time. Don’t activate both MCT’s at the same time, that’ll enable training for all 3 character slots. Activate one now, for your main + alt, and another one in 30 days when your first one expires.

You can also buy more MCT’s in the future from Account Management or even from in-game (market). People re-sell these certificates for ISK, I believe.


Cool, thanks for the heads up :smiley:

Just to have an idea: 1 month of MCT is about 1.7m SP. I did that with an Alt, now he’s able to fly up to cruiser class of 2 factions and use drones, but it’s only 35% of the SP any alpha can train for free (of course half as quick).

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