How many free MPTC's?

MPTC = Multiple Pilot Training Certificate

Recently added a second character to an account that has only always had 1 pilot. The newly created pilot was given (2) MPTC’s. Nice. It used to be where you would get only 1 per new character.

Question is? Will I get another MPTC for the 3rd and final character (if I create another) or were the (2) issued to the second character the only ones awarded?


Eerie Coaincidence

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Free MPTC’s don’t exist. You probably got them from a package on steam or humble, and those are one time things

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Thank you. I know that free MPTC’s -DID- exist - at least 5-6 years ago. It would be applied (granted to inventory) when you created a second and then third character. One each.

Nice answer on the “steam” and “humble” possibility. Not using steam and while the account did apply a Galaxy Pack via Humble Bundle, the new toon was created long after, and in months after the addition of the Galaxy Pack. They appeared when the character was created.

Has this very old feature returned?

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The Galaxy pack included 2 MCT certificates. These would have been in your inventory from the time you redeemed the Galaxy pack but can only be used to train the 2nd and 3rd characters on your account or sold on the market.

CCP does occasionally include MCT as a bonus with subscription purchases but there has been no “free” training with the creation of an ALT in the 4 years I have been playing. You either need to pause your main to train an ALT or purchase MCT.

Edit: as I think about it, they did give us 20 days free MCT as a Christmas gift in 2014 - one of my characters was created to take advantage of that!


Are you sure about this? I’ve been here a lot longer than that, but my memory may be hazy. Don’t remember free MCT with new alt :confused:

Been playing since 2009 and there have never been free MTC’s with newly created Characters or Accounts. Unless they’ve been part of a purchased pack.

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Been playing 9 years only mct that I have. Ever seen are packs 1 time aquired through humble or steam or bonus sale to a yearly subscription.

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