MTC Special Fails

The 3 MTCs you get are automatically applied to the 2 skill queues. You don’t get to choose which char gets them.

So Fing Fail.

This is pretty much how it’s always worked though.

When CCP offers the Certificate, they make it clear you’re getting the Certificate item. All others you should have assumed were direct trainings, as they’ve always been.

They are offering the certs, try reading the ad.

They are offering 3 months of multiple character training - not 3 multiple character training certificates. They run a similar promotion most years and they always work the same way - the MCT is applied to the same account as the subscription time.

That said, the structure and wording of the promotion is ambiguous - I initially thought the MCT was $10 over and above the inflated subscription price! My recollection of past promotions is that the structure and presentation were much better.

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There are 3 queues on an account, how are they deciding which queue?


They activate or extend the first additional queue. You get to choose which character uses that queue.

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That only works if one additional queue is active.

If both additional queues are active, the first will be extended by 3 months. If the second additional queue runs out of time, the character with the fewest skillpoints will stop training and you may need to reassign manually.

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Question before buying : does the 3 months of multiple character training make my two alt slots train for 3 months or is it only 3 months in total ( like 1 month for one alt and 2 months for the second alt ) ?

Thanks a lot for your answer : not a native english speaker so better safe than sorry.

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It is 3 months total added to the first alt queue - you can train one character for 2 months and then switch and train the other character for a month but you can’t train both alts at the same time.

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This a major fail from CCP! Because I subscribe as a loyal customer it doesn’t apply to my apply to me. I would have to buy another three month subscription at the same time to qualify for either the discount or the MTC.

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You are rambling.

The add is clear about what you buy:
“The bone-chilling streak of Halloween goodies continues with opportunities to boost your skill training, so take advantage and get 3 months of Multiple Character Training (MCT) for just $10 when you buy 3 months of Omega by 4 November! Plus, get a separate 10% off 3, 6 and 12 month Omega packages! Remember, upgrading to Omega means you can get even better rewards during the Daily Halloween Horrors event, too!”

My 3 months renewed automatically on 10/29 so it was bought and payed for during the offer but since it was automatic it doesn’t count. That is bad business!

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No, it is not, it is just you being a dumbass not able to read and add correctly. Show me where it is said an automated renewal grants you free MTC

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Thanks for calling me a dumbass.
If I pay for something while there is a sale going on I should get the sale price.

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It doesn’t work like that. For me, I have yearly subs so I can only stop my sub, resub 3 months, note the time left+3 months, then switch back to yearly subs. It’s easier to not change and not loose money by the bait and switch trick.

For others, be aware this is recurring 3 mont sub and all the special order benefits will be gone after 3 months.

It looks very complex but that’s exactly how companies make lots of profits these days. That’s why I just keep my yearly subs and don’t bother with subscription offers. I do grab a plex offer once in a while though.

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Last time I used a multichar training cert they allowed any two queues on the account to be simultaneously active. It wasn’t associated with any single character and you could just stop training on one secondary and start training on another secondary at any time.

Has this changed? Doesn’t seem like it would’ve.

Yeah, same here. However whenever I can I’ll jump on special deals.

I just recently bought CCP’s Starter Packs for my main and 3 newb alt accounts.
Then afterwards I got the Markee Dragon Starter Packs for all 4 accounts.

So thanks to those deals as well as the Skilling Spree / Log-in / Holiday Skill Point Events, etc, all of my other characters are quickly getting skilled to be useful to me (my main character) in-game. Course my in-game wallet is gifting those characters millions of ISK so they can buy the necessary skills and equipment.

Hopefully they’ll be able to pay me back when they become competent and successful in their various career choices.


No but what happens is they put it all on one queue. So if your intention was to for example split them between two queues (assuming the third is Omega q), now what I have to do is remember, two months from now, to turn one char off and the other char on.

Which is PITA because for the last 30 days of MTC, because I wanted to use it on a different char, I have to wait 60 days to even start that char.

It’s lame to sell something for RL cash and not give the customer the choice of how to use it.

You can try and send a report ticket to CCP, but this would only work IF you auto-renewed and was billed DURING the sale.

Otherwise, if your renewal was processed a day before or after the sale, then I dont see why they would, or should.