Multiple Training Certificate Promotion Clarification


I’m trying to figure out if today’s promotion (activating a Multiple Training Certificate (MTC) activates two training slots) is limited to the $19.99 promotion as shown here, or if it includes all MTCs (including those bought in game using PLEX/ISK).

I activated an MTC I bought with PLEX (cause I'm dumb - the market price is almost 500,000,000 ISK cheaper than buying the 485 PLEX, which I realized about 5 minutes after activating... anyway) on one of my accounts about a half hour ago, but it only opened one of the additional training slots. I’ve submitted a ticket with CCP to clarify if things are operating as intended or if I’ve encountered a bug.

I’d typically just wait for CCP to respond to the ticket, but with only 18 hours left on this promotion, I’m more eager for an answer then typical. If anyone knows, your input is appreciated. I’ll update this post if/when I hear from CCP.


MCT only opens a single slot at a time. If you activate another you can choose between activating a third slot or extending the one you already have.

If I understand it right it’s so that so get two additional queues for purchasing one MCT with cash (not with PLEX) instead of only one this weekend.


@Nasar_Vyron Just to make sure we’re on the same page, the promotion I’m referring to reads:

“Limited to this weekend only, you can activate an additional skill queue when you buy Multiple Character Training, giving you the ability to train all three characters on an account simultaneously”

Does that change things, or is it pretty much still business as usual for MTCs bought in game?

Yeah, that’s what I’m guessing too. Wondering if anyone can give a solid confirmation though.

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Okay I misread what you were asking. But what I said still stands, the ones activated in game are single slot. The purchased ones with cash will grant both slots during the duration of the sale. Sorry.

The offer is valid only when buying MTC with RM.

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Yeah, I just bought one with the intention of extending the training time of my second character, but had to start a third one. The time for my second char has increased by 30 days but there wasn’t an option to make it 60 days just wanted on the second one.

Sounds like I’ve got my answer. Thanks for weighing in everybody.


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I did this for a couple of accounts and third character training wasn’t enabled on either. Seems kind of wonky to me. Was I supposed to do something to enable it?

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