Missing Multi Training Queue After Purchase

Evening all,
Need a bit of help with the Multi Character Training Queues thing.
So, to start off, I have 3 toons on this account. For ease I’ll call them MAIN, ALT1, and ALT2.
I have a recurring monthly subscription on this account so every month on the 6th it automatically renews.

So, I stopped my skill queue on MAIN and started a skill queue on ALT1. I also decided I wanted to have ALT2 train some skills so I bought a Multi Character Training from the market using ISK. Activated it, everything worked good. ALT1 and ALT2 both have active training queues.

So, I find that I need to train a few more skills up on MAIN. I purchase a Multi Character Training thing from the account management page. I confirmed it was going to my account. It was paid for and I received the confirmation email that the payment was processed.

But I cannot find or redeem this anywhere. When I go into Inventoy->Redeem Items, nothing shows up. I have checked all of my characters on this account, I have checked all their inventories, every single hanger and ship cargo hold, I have checked all of my assets to see if it got randomly redeemed somewhere, and it doesn’t show up anywhere on any character. I’ve double checked my email to make sure the payment processed as it should have and the Multi Character Training queue did indeed go to my account. I’ve logged out and logged back in multiple times.

Can anyone tell me, am I doing something wrong here? Or is this a CCP error that I need to submit a ticket on? Thanks in advance

EDIT: I’ve got it figured out. Apparently, it is automatically applied when you buy it through the Account management page. It just took it’s sweet time to notify my account that it was there. I was half expecting my IP address to be banned considering how many times I had logged in and out.

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I did not know this happened when you did that- I’ve only used the NES or packs to get this.

Thanks for posting your update!

When you purchase multiple character training from account management it adds 30 days to the queue automatically but it does not start any character training - you need to login and do that manually. The NES sells and the various packs contain MCT certificates which will show up in redeeming. You can activate them or sell them on the market as you choose.

It is a bit less expensive to purchase MCT from the NES. i.e. you can buy 500 PLEX for the same price as MCT through account management but the MCT certificate only costs 485 PLEX.

You are also more likely to find the certificates on sale - a week ago Humble Bundle was selling the Star packs which include 30 days game time, 500 PLEX and 2 MCT certificates for $24.99. This particular promotion is over but the packs will go on sale from one of the other authorized resellers in the near future. https://secure.eveonline.com/etc.aspx

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I’ve had the same(ish) issue…

They had a sale where you got mct with plex packs, which I bought to use on ALT2 .

But I had mct running on ALT1, all the mct got automatically applied to ALT1, so no mct for ALT2 without pausing mct on the ALT1 character :frowning:

They should really make it clear that you don’t get mct certificates and that it auto applies to ALT1 only.

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